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Katy Steele, you foxy, foxy woman. I would listen to you sing all day long. You’ve got it all.



Kristen at LAX, July 24th 

Omg I thought she was Gerard Way



Kristen at LAX, July 24th 

Omg I thought she was Gerard Way

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I underestimated the number of people who would want mid afternoon coffee today and as a result I just had to carry nine cups of coffee back to the office. Guess those waitressing skills are still fresh y’all.


Women in the Media:

  • Nerd HQ: Badass Women: Yvonne Strahovski, Retta, Missy Peregrym, Jennifer Morrison, Ming-Na Wen, Sophie Turner (Best panel of Comic Con 14, imho).
  • ET’s Women Who Kick Ass Panel (full)- Katey Sagal, Sarah Paulson, Tatiana Maslany, Nicole Beharie,…

Funny how not long ago I was bitching about how cold it was. It’s 23 today. That’s what, like almost 75f? AND IT’S THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING WINTER.

I am pleased.




Pitch Perfect: 30 Day Challenge

Day 13: An unanswered question you have

I have two actually. Where the hell was Chloe running from? I mean did she sleep in? Did she have to go to the bathroom? Was she having a quick ‘lady jam’ session? You’d think maybe Aubrey would’ve went and found her to tell her to hurry up. Question two, what the hell song did Beca choose? My head canon says she chose ‘Titanium’ in honor of Chloe.

also, what are they studying in barden??… maybe they do different things…

I feel like the fandom has decided what they’re studying.
Aubrey-pre law
Chloe -either premed or education because she wants to teach.
Stacie -science of some sort because she’s secretly smart.
Beca-music or business

I’ve always figured Chloe left the treasured Bellas scarf back in the change room and was running back to the stage because Alice cussed her out and told her if she wasn’t back before they went on not even wolves would find her body.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you think homosexuality is caused by a gene defect
landslidesom landslidesom Said:


I think homosexuality is caused by the fact girls are fucking hot.

mscollywogs replied to your post “So I reblogged that photoset of Jillian michaels yesterday and it got…”

*cheers you on from my pity dinner of ramen, soda, and ben and jerrys*


(I’m not super unhappy with my body, I just realised that I used to be kinda well toned and what not, and I really haven’t been working out at all for the last eighteen months so I should get back into it. And Alex is up for jogging with me, but she’s not so keen on the weights and whatnot.)